Now, there’s a reason why privacy is so craved universally and instinctively.

It isn’t just a reflexive movement like breathing air or drinking water. The reason is that when we’re in a state where we can be monitored, where we can be watched, our behavior changes dramatically. The range of behavioral options that we consider when we think we’re being watched severely reduce. This is just a fact of human nature that has been recognized in social science and in literature and in religion and in virtually every field of discipline. There are dozens of psychological studies that prove that when somebody knows that they might be watched, the behavior they engage in is vastly more conformist and compliant. Human shame is a very powerful motivator, as is the desire to avoid it, and that’s the reason why people, when they’re in a state of being watched, make decisions not that are the byproduct of their own agency but that are about the expectations that others have of them or the mandates of societal orthodoxy…

…[A] society in which people can be monitored at all times is a society that breeds conformity and obedience and submission, which is why every tyrant, the most overt to the most subtle, craves that system. Conversely, even more importantly, it is a realm of privacy, the ability to go somewhere where we can think and reason and interact and speak without the judgmental eyes of others being cast upon us, in which creativity and exploration and dissent exclusively reside, and that is the reason why, when we allow a society to exist in which we’re subject to constant monitoring, we allow the essence of human freedom to be severely crippled.

— Glenn Greenwald, Why Privacy Matters. TEDGlobal 2014. (via pedagogyofignorance)
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While the pilot was airing Danneel sent Jensen 2 photos. The first one was a picture of the new supernatural logo with J.J. pointing at it and the second was a close up Jensen’s face with J.J’s arms in the air. She then texted him “she’s asking for you to pick her up”

Why Maid in Manhattan definitely looks like Cinderella

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But here was a man mourning tomorrow
He  d r a n k, but finally drowned in his sorrow
He could not break surface tension
He looked in the wrong place for redemption
Don’t look at me with those eyes
I tried to unheave the ties
Turn back the time that drew him
But he couldn’t be  s a v e d
A sadness runs through him 

deanmeme: dean + my emotions

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Human!Castiel with a kitty and a baggy sweater for all of our happy, not-dying castiel needs

mallahanmoxie replied to your post “reasons why that boy is not worth thinking about super stuck up…”

this is so cute you are so cute sorry crushes are things that happen to you but omg cutie (if it makes you feel better, i have crushed on people that i’ve never even talked to and don’t even acknowledge my existence, i’m far worse)

but no omg i’ve done that too!! like i do it all the time in a sort of chronic i-fall-in-love-with-strangers-on-public-transport kind of way. and there was also a guy when i was at college who i sort of gazed at for a whole year but he didn’t even know i existed so. i know the feeling, it’s sucky <3

but the super ridiculous part about all of this is that i KNOW i just know if this guy were to somehow return the attention my interest would fizzle up and die, haha, I really can’t win. 

you’re so sweet <333 

reasons why that boy is not worth thinking about

  • super stuck up accent like wow what is he, a member of the royal fucking family?? seriously who talks like that ????????
  • i think he fake smiled once maybe i’m not sure the lighting was bad but someone who regularly fake smiles is not to be trusted 
  • he’s 26 but he actually acts 26 and totally has his life together whilst i’m 23 but mentally more like 12 and my life is kinda … yeah
  • i’m so not his type
  • i’m struggling to think of more but i’m sure there’s more 
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+ personal ramblings  + i'm crushing and i'm not happy about it  + he's staying with my bosses again  + and he was there on saturday when i was helping with a lunch party and he helped me with the dishes  + and we were chatting whilst unloading the dishwasher and rinsing and drying the glasses  + and when he stayed in august he was at my boss's birthday party and i got reaaallllyyy drunk  + (bc i can't deal with people unless i'm drunk)  + and he found me in the bar area alone and giggling to myself (bc that's what happens when i get drunk)  + and he got me a glass of water and stayed and chatted to me until my dad came to pick me up  + BUT THOSE ARE LITERALLY THE ONL Y TWO TIMES I'VE SPOKEN TO HIM  + I'm NOT ALLOWED TO BE CRUSHING I'M NOT ALLOWED  + i didn't think i would ever see him again after the drunk evening and then he turns uP OUT OF THE BLUE ON SATURDAY  + I'M SO ANNOYED  + I WAS TOTALLY FINE GETTING ON WITH MY LIFE AND THEN BAM  + ugh  + and now i probably REALLY won't see him again but what if he's there when i go on wednesday????  + also he has a nice face and a super nice solid chunky rugby-playing sort of body  + (and i totally did not just creep his facebook to confirm that he used to play rugby)  + omg becky get a grip on yourself  + i'll be fine i'll be fine i just need to not see him for a few months  + or a year  + it'll flush out of my system eventually  + it always does  + damn this got long i should have put it under a readmore I'M SORRY  + long post for ts   

When Jesus first appeared, he appeared to two women, during a time when female testimony was illegitimate, and he asked them to testify to his return. That’s huge – the biggest news in the universe, and two women, whose word was not considered trustworthy, were instructed to carry the news. That, to me, is the most important vision of equality that Christians can have – that is the affirmation that women are equals, that we are valued in the eyes of Christ, that we are necessary to the Gospel story. And that is the lens through which I interpret everything else, as that is the eschatological tale I believe God is weaving.

— Dianna Anderson, Ask a Feminist (via yesdarlingido)
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even scarier halloween costume ideas:

  • the growing popularity of ukip
  • the conservative party’s plans to scrap the human rights act
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I get shaken up emotionally by a character death in Game of Thrones but at the end of the day it’s like “eh nothing I can’t handle. life goes on” 

But to this day I still refuse to accept Uncle Monty was murdered in the second Series of Unforunate Events Book

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Save In The Flesh.

The top words is from Amy’s lines of S1E02.


"hey, angel. miss me? i sure as hell missed you. hey, hey, hey, none of that- there you go, just like that. you’re so pretty when you’re scared, darlin’"